Mumford and Sons and NBA Trade Day’s News and Views

These Binoculars provide for great views of nature!

– It’s Mumford and Sons and NBA Trade Day in Amuurica ladies and gentlemen…

– As we all know by now, UK lost again on the road last night on the road in Arkansas.  Brandon Knight had 5 shots to win the game, but failed in each attempt.  I have come to the realization that we will probably not win at Tennessee because we suck in all road games.

– Well today is the NBA trade deadline, and there were numerous trades this afternoon.  Here they are:

Big Nazr Muhammed (pronounced Na-si), Nate Robinson, and Kendrick Perkins were sent to play with Durantula and the OKC Thunder

Aaron Brooks to Los Suns for Goran Dragic

Annoying Baron Davis, Luke Harangody, and Semih Erden to the bad team that is still on a loss of Lebron hangover

Thuggin’ Gerald Wallace to the Blazers

Lil’ Mikey Bibby to the Bulls

– Kyle Orton the starter in Denver over Tim Tebow.  Thanks for the update in February…


– That’s about it for today, so here is some Mumford and Sons, and the rarely seen “Durantula”



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