Post-Jorts Day Scribbles

– It’s been awhile, so lets get to the scribbles for a quick post Jorts Day writing.

– Well if you didn’t know by now, yesterday was Jorts Day in Lexington, as it was senior day for the infamous Jorts.  Jorts is the man, that is all I have to say.  He likes to bust moves, and has quickly mastered the Carlton throughout the season.  He uses his Carlton, as an important tool in his life, and we all wish we could Carlton like him.  We did beat Vandy by two yesterday, even though he had to battle with big Festus Ezeli from the Congo.

-The NFL will know tomorrow if it will have a lockout or not, so we are all hoping for a season next year… All but those Panthers... They don’t really want a season next year, because frankly, my dear, they suck.

– Zeller from North Carolina is also starting to act more an more like Tyler Hansborououguouough and it is becoming extremely annoying.  He dove on a lose ball earlier this evening before trying to start a fight with a FSU player, and eventually receiving a bloody nose, just as Tyler did, because he threw a FSU player on top of him.  Now he just needs to become the next overrated player to be drafted by the Pacers, who are quickly turning into Duke with their one black point guard, and large white small forwards.

– Them Chicago Cubbies are back to their scuffing around and whatnot, after there players got in a squab with each other during spring training.  Watch out for Carlos Zambrono heaving a water cooler atcha!

– A soccer player that kicked an owl was given a 2 game suspension.  FACT.

– Rollie Fingers has a weak mustache. FALSE. Rollie Fingers has the God of all mustaches.




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