Wadding Washington Wizards and Wafers Wednesday Writes

– It has been awhile again, but no other way to get it all started off with some Washington Wizards and Wafers Wednesday Writes.

– Of course, the Washington Wizards have nothing to do with this other than John Wall plays for them.  Also Wafer is referring to Von Wafer, an NBA superstar who just hasn’t found himself yet.  He gets a little playing time on the Celtics, but still hasn’t provided the skillz to catch up with his name.  Yes, skillz…

– St. John’s beat Rutgers in a controversial game today in the Big East Tournament.  A St. Johns player appeared to walk and then clearly stepped out of bounds with 1.7 seconds remaining, yet the officials did not blow the whistle and the Red Storm won.  I like St. John’s a lot, but still I must admit Rutgers got ripped off.

– Baylor’s Perry Jones was suspended by the NCAA for receiving impermissible benefits, making him again the most random and irrelevant person the be #1 on NBA mock drafts.  He is literally supposed to be the 31 pick, yet this the first time I have ever heard of him.  He averages 14.7 points and 8 rebounds as a Freshman, and is supposed to be the #1 pick, can someone please tell me why?

– A random guy has made the ESPN page for just saying that the Bulls will win 4 championships in the next 10 years… Can someone please tell me why this guy is ESPN?

– Kentucky plays most likely Ole Miss on Friday at 3:30 to advance in the SEC tournament.

Poor Von Wafer



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