Muggsy Bogues’ ‘Short’ Wednesday Comeback Notes

He’s the short one

– First of all, these notes won’t be all that short. They are kind of medium length I guess.. but that is not the point. I am back from my short stint of being away and I am sorry for those millions of viewers that missed out. Second of all, as expected, Tyrone Curtis ‘Muggsy’ Bogues has nothing at all to do with this post.

On to the notes…

– My pick for the national championship this year is Kansas… but I would pray to see another Northern Iowa and a Farokhmanesh KO a number 1 seed again. Like BD added, Florida getting a 2 is such a bad seeding choice. They should be a 3 along with Kentucky. The thing that gets me the most mad about Florida’s seed is that they got the best 2 seed in the easiest bracket. If Kentucky was in that spot I would have us going all the way to the final four. #smh… #selection-committeRhaterz

– Yes BD, the Fab Five was awesome and Jalen Rose can call Grant Hill whatever he wants..

-Billy G is most likely going to be the Texas Tech basketball coach next year. Over/ under 3 years within being fired for a DUI and treatment of players?

– My upset pick for this years tourney is the Utah State Aggies.. hopefully they have Crazy Bill (below) traveling with the team.

– That is all for today’s notes. Also sorry about the poor use of spelling the word “there” and its various forms by BD.. he apologizes too.



One Response to Muggsy Bogues’ ‘Short’ Wednesday Comeback Notes

  1. jimbob says:

    pretty good

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