The Final Four’s Quick Monday Notes

Put on your goggles!

– Well UK upset Ohio State and UNC over the weekend in the regional tournament.  This is our first final four since 1998, and I am very excited.  Our next game is against Uconn on Saturday at like 9:00.  Since it is the final four though, it will be around 8:57 p.m.

VCU upset Kansas in the other game, and they will be playing Butler at around 6:13.  This means that either of those teams will be in the National Championship, which is going to very weird, especially if they happened to win.

– Jorts is becoming an national folk hero, and a superstar at the same time.  Deandre Liggins is quickly becoming a fan favorite with his trash talk and long, I mean long socks.  Doron Lamb always wearing goggles and Brandon Knight is being Brandon Knight.  Things are really starting to come around.  Also Stacy “Duece” Poole is keeping things “straight” on the sideline and becoming a BD favorite with his celebrations.

Darnell Dodson changed his profile picture and Derrick Lamar Jasper is now friends with Jarrod Polson.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to get that irrelevant.

– Are you ready for the Final Four? #LEGGO


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