Walley World’s Wacky Wednesday Writings

Let’s go take a trip with the Grizwald’s and Clark!

– Featured in the 1983 movie National Lampoon’s Family Vacation, Wally World has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

– Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for yelling an expletive at a referee in a national televised game.

– Derrick Williams is going to enter the 2011 NBA Draft in New York City.  David Stern will get a little excited when announcing the picks, but the associate commissioner, who announces the 2nd round will get the jeepers creepers when the large basketball players get drafted.

– Ozzie Guillen is again mad at his players for losing the game last night, and will most likely get a %100,000 fine for yelling expletives on camera.  Those are the same words that Bob Knight used during his halftime speeches to try to pump them up.  He couldn’t realize why telling them that if you don’t (expletive) play (expletive) hard. hes going to (expletive) run (expletive) out of them, didn’t get them pumped up.

– Lebron pulled in front of Kobe as the highest purchased jersey.

– Barry Bonds was found guilty for lying, which comes at no surprise.

– Richard Pitino, Rick Pitino’s son was named a head coach in waiting for the Louisville Cardinals.  This continues many jokes that may have already been started, but will quickly end.  (Enter the “I get its” here)

– Now for some good ole’ Friends of Distinction…


2 Responses to Walley World’s Wacky Wednesday Writings

  1. Totty says:

    love th3 post jeepers creepers!

  2. jack totty says:

    love th3 post ! jeepers CREEpers!

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