Conan O’Brien’s Monday Night Notes and Roast

– What does Conan have to do with this post?  You guessed it! For the 357th time, the title person does not have anything to do with the post.

Jodie Meeks is having a good game against the Heat, but his team is down 30 points.  Evan Turner still thinks that he is really good, but he really isn’t.

– Bob Knight came out with some comments today suggesting that the 2010 basketball players “never attended a class.”  Well Bob, once again you are wrong.  Every player on the team attended at least one class that entire year.  I am sure that they went to one class because they would have to go to one or else they would not be in college.  Sorry that I am taking things too literally Bob, but at least our players don’t get slapped after they get a turnover.  Also, our coach isn’t known for throwing chairs on the court, and yelling expletives to his players rather than being a good coach.  Yes, you are the all-time winningest coach, and you think that you are a saint.  In reality though, you are no where near the level of Rupp or John Wooden.  At least they are known for  winning some championships.  Also, your wikipedia page has to put the title “controversies” in separate decades because you have so many.  Oh ya.  Those comments about John Calipari’s integrity last year?  Yea, those were coming from a man who has had 3 assistant coaches in the 2000’s alone make comments about how he hurt them while he was the head coach.  Oh, and the guy at Texas Tech that said you fired a shotgun in his direction because he was “too close to my home.”  That is integrity at its finest right there.  So old man, tell those kids to get off your lawn now.  And Bob, how do you like your potatoes.  I would probably think roasted. 

– Now, the Lakers and Spurs both lost yesterday, which were huge upsets.

-Dwight Howard is the defensive player of the year for the 3rd straight year.  Bobby wouldn’t like Dwight though because he has too much talent.  He likes players that dive on balls and get 5 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists, so they are considered all-around.

– Harrison Barnes is coming back, and that’s about it.  DING. My potatoes are done, so I am going to end it here.


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