Pegleg Pete’s Tuesday Taboo

– This is the first annual Pegleg Pete’s Tuesday Taboo.

– I just looked at and somehow the Magic are up by 35 points.  I really want a Pacers-Grizzlies final, but I don’t think that the Pacers will live another day.  Tony Allen and his Grizzly haircut is “fresh,” and Zach Randolph will beat the living daylights out of anyone and give them a bloody nose.  “Sounds like a blast!” says Tyler Hansbourgh.

– There is going to be an NFL season next year which makes JT very very happy.  Insert “THERE’S GONNA BE AN NFL NEXT YEAR!!!!” here.

– Tiger Woods is going to miss a few more weeks with a leg injury.

The NFL draft is coming up, and I am looking forward to the Saturday Slate of 8 hours of continuous coverage for rounds 4-7.  Who is going to be that “Mr. Irrelevant!!!!”

– Jay Cutler got engaged just in case anyone cared.

That’s it for Pegleg Pete’s Short Tuesday Taboo!


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