Bin Ladin’s Deranged/Rabid Monday Night Notes

– Yes, as we all know Bin Ladin was killed last night, but what we don’t know is why these notes are rabid.  They are not Old Yeller, but they still have acquired rabies somehow.  Don’t ask how, maybe another rabid website spread onto ours.  Who knows?????

Notes please…. Sorry FAQ guy got a little over excited with Osama’s death.

– The ATL is currently beating the Bulls by one point as Noah shoots free throws.  Apparently Jameer Nelson told Derrick Rose that he would see him in the second round, but of course that did not happen, so a ATL player gave Nelson two tickets to the next game.  ESPN now thinks that this is the funniest thing that they have ever heard.

– For some reason the worldwide leader in sports has a summer preview of movies on their front page… That sounds fitting since they are all about sports.  Yes, I said their FAQ guy, not there.

– Miami won Game 1 over the Celts yesterday, and Pierce got ejected.  Also, the new favs, the fighting Zach Randolphs, are cruising.  Randolph has carried them with turn around 360 shots over other centers.

– Well that is about all there is for this rabid version of notes, so I will provide you with a little video. Let the sun shine!


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