Trombone Shorty’s Typical Tuesday Tabloid

No T-Pain don’t even think about calling him Shawty…

– Welcome to this edition of Trombone Shorty’s Typical Tuesday Tabloid.  No T-Pain, its not Trombone Shawty….. Sorry that was a joke that would be used in the supposably funny Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, House of Payne (not about T-Pain), or the Madea goes to jail series.

Trombone Shorty does not have a single thing to do with anything at all.

– Real Madrid and Barcelona tied 1-1 today, ending my Streak for cash.

– Rashard Mendenhall made some anti-American comments on his Twitter today, saying that he didn’t know Bin Laden, so he wouldn’t know if he was good or bad.  He also said he really didn’t know how the towers went down, and that they might not have been terrorists.  Well Rashard it is nice to know that you did not make it out of 2nd grade, because clearly your mind in not right.

– The Heat beat the Celtics again, and the Fighting Zach Randolph’s are about ot take the court.

– Word on the block/rumor mill in NBA Live 06 says that Liggins may come back, which would be good.

– That’s it for this Tabloid…


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