The Montreal Expos’ Wednesday Night Writes

Lets go watch the Nationals, I mean Expos play! 

– The ole’ Expos have nothing to do with this post. In case you did not know, I will give you a little BIO-BLAST: They were a former MLB team from Montreal Quebec and turned into the Nationals in 2004. They are also known for sucking. 

What exactly.. is a so called ‘Expo’? Well FAQ guy, for once, that is actually a pretty good question, an Expo is a 1967 International and Universal Exposition of a World’s Fair. Not even kidding. 

– In top news for today, the Heat move on after beating the old Celtics, 4-1. My predictions for the NBA finals are OKC and the Durantula vs the Heat. Durantula wins. This is unlikely, but I like it. I also like the fighting Zach Randolph’s and the Vancouver Memphis Grizzlies.

Rip Tractor Traylor, I remember playing with him on NBA Live 04. (no joke).

– Apparently, an RD favorite Tubby Smith had cancer? Well all that matters is that he now says he is cancer free.

– A high-school softball team won 48-47, yes, 48-47 in 7 innings. What????

– Well, Trevor Lacey cut his recruiting list down to 3 schools, Kentucky, Alabama, and Kansas. Lets hope he picks Kentucky but I have a feeling he will pick Kansas.

– That is it for today’s notes. See you soon..


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