Peppo the Italian Cat’s Rare Thursday Notes

– Well we really hit it off with this one because this really is a rare Thursday Note!  Peppo the Italian Cat from the Aristocats is also a rare specie.

– Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship today after shooting a 42 on the front nine.  Many believe that this is his dimise, but I say what happened last time he had a leg injury.  That’s right I just threw that one at you

– The Thunder won big last night against the Vancouver  Memphis Grizzlies.  The Bulls are currently beating the Atlanta Hawks.

– Lebron payed tribute/dissed the Cleveland Cavs last night in the post game interview about leaving them.  Cleveland responded with the video below.

– Big hockey game tonight on Versus, since everyone gets that channel, and know the channel number by heart, between the Red Wings and Sharks game 7.  This winner plays the Vancouver Canucks. Yes they actually are and have been in Vancouver.

– Vancouver is spelled very weird and should be spelled Vancuvor.

– Cleveland’s response to Lebron..


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