RD Special Edition: Round Two, What Happened to Them?

Hey! Agoraphobia is no joke!

– Well, to continue with the post below, this is round two featuring four more athletes who thought that the world was flat so they were afraid to explore, thus resulting in a developed phobia of leaving their homes, also known as agoraphobia.

Gary Sheffiled: 

– Gary “Sheff” Sheffield primarily played right field for eight MLB teams, most notorious for playing for the Braves, Yankees, and Tigers. Sheff has seven children, 3 with his wife now, but 4 from other numerous relationships. Earlier in 1995, he was shot in his left shoulder. Now he is an assistant coach on his son’s youth tackle football league in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Daunte Culpepper:

– Daunte Culpepper, once infamous cover man of Madden ’02, used to be the star quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Culpepper had ‘bad knee syndrome’ like many (Greg Oden) and suffered multiple ACL and MCL tears that helped dwindle down his career. He had problems recovering back to the NFL, however, now he is star quarterback for the popular Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

Chris Webber: 

-Chris Webber, former number 1 overall draft pick and member of the fab five seems like he has also fallen off the face of the earth. Webber was an NBA all-star on the Sacramento Kings. The Kings along with Webber, Vlade Divac, and ‘Chewy Chicken’ Peja Stojakovic, quickly became the NBA’s most exciting team, however, they never could match the Kobe/ Shaq duo of the early 2000 Lakers. Now, Webber has become an analyst on NBA Gametime Live.

Marvin Harrison:

-Marvin Harrison was one of Peyton Manning’s top targets along with Reggie Wayne who is still on the Colts. Harrison is 2nd all time on the NFL reception record list. Harrison randomly asked for release after the ’08 season ending his NFL career. Harrison has a weird and very strong tie to a big shooting incident, which was a feature of a big Outside the Lines (of course) story. Sidenote: Outside the Lines is so boring and I hate it. I don’t like the theme music and I don’t like Bob Ley and the annoying reporting of Jeremy Shaap.. Sorry for that small rant, but anyways, Harrison is now under FBI investigation. 

This is the conclusion of a follow up on the last post, hopefully this becomes an RD tradition of ‘What Happened to Them?’

Bob Ley looking quite smug


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