RD Special Edition: What Happened To Them?

He was #1 ahead of the other superstar Eddy Curry!

– Welcome to the first ever RD sports what happened to them which will cover athletes that disappeared off the face of the earth.

– First off:

Sammy Sosa:

– Slammin’ Sam is now living in the Dominican Republic after a few years of minor league ball for the Texas Rangers.  He came up in the news last year for getting a skin change operation similar to Michael Jackson.  Fast Fact: Friends call him Mikey.  He announced his retirement in early 2010, after years in the minors.

Kwame Brown:

– After being the #1 overall pick above such players as the renown Eddy Curry, Kwame proved to be the biggest NBA draft bust ever.  He told Larry Brown if he drafted him, he would not regret it, but now as we look back at that line a few laughs erupt.  He got traded to Los Angeles for Chucky Atkins, and then was the star in the Shaq trade to Miami.  In 2007 he was charged with throwing a cake on another man.  This is not a joke.  He now lives in L.A.

Shaun Alexander:

– Shaun Alexander was best known for his time with the Seattle Seahawks, and he was born in Florence Y’all! Kentucky.  He rushed for multiple 1,000 yard seasons and over 12 touchdown seasons as well.  2005 was his standout season, winning MVP.  He got a hold of the Madden curse the next year, and his career pretty much ended after the curse.  He was a virgin until he married his wife, which wikipedia lists as an important thing.  I do not know where he now lives, but he does some reporting for NFL Network.

Freddy Adu:

– Freddy Adu was the next big American superstar in the mid 2000’s.  He was the new face of American soccer, and a new worldwide phenomenon.  He was most famous with D.C. United of the MLS, where he was one of the youngest soccer players ever to score a goal professionally.  Something happened to his game, and frankly he sucks now.  He lives in Turkey where he plays on a team with a long name.

That raps up this very special edition of RD, please don’t do what Sammy Sosa did, PLEASE.



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