Not Wally Walker, But William Wallace’s Wild Wednesday Writes

Bio Blast: Wally Walker was a professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder Seattle Supersonics.  He was born in 1954 and attended JT’s University of Virginia.  He played key roles behind stars Nate McMillian and Gary Payton.  Well after making this post and searching google for Wally Walker, I have realized that I have already made a Wally Walker post because the photo linked to RD… Sir William Wallace is famous poet in writer in the Elizabethan Age.

– Trevor Lacey chose to go to Alabama over Kentucky.  Just wait Trevor… Just wait till you encounter Eloy Vargas dunking on your face next year.

– Speaking of dunking, the Miami Heat are becoming the Shawn Bradley’s of the NBA.  This time, Juwan Howard got dunked on by Luol Deng.

– Kendrick Perkins said in an interview that he has “beef” Tyson Chandler of the Mavericks with a passion.  21st century slang bio blast: Beef means to have a problem with someone.  I am fine with Tyson Chandler, but Dirk Nowitzki is the MOST annoying player in the NBA right now.  He has been around for a good 30 years, and I am sick of his constant turn around fade aways, that drop into the basket.  It is so frustrating that he somehow scores  48 points against the Thunder by fading away for 44 of those points.

– The Yankees are falling apart which is a great thing for me, but JR is probably not the happiest camper.

– In unrelated news, a man ate his 25,000th Big Mac yesterday.  Oh the places you will go! I do not believe that figure of speech is appropriate there FAQ guy.

– Now some Heat becoming Shawn Bradley…


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