FAQ: NBA Finals/ Return of FAQ Guy

Hey! He’s saying peace! I am pretty sure he is showing a number.

What are the NBA Finals?

Good Question.  The NBA Finals are the Championship for the National Basketball Association.  The winner of a best of 7 series wins the championship.

Oh, Well who has the most NBA Finals?

I think you use that in the wrong way.  It would be said how has won the most NBA titles.  The answer is Bill Russel, followed by Robert Horry.  Robert Horry is considered the worst player ever to have that many rings.  He usually just sat on the side, and then came in to knock down a single 3 at some point in the game.

They get rings? Is it like marriage or something? Do they have to follow rules with the rings?

No, it is just a regular ring, they are not required to do anything with the ring.

Well Bill Russel has too many for his fingers? Do they like add an extra finger to him or something?

No, because he has 11 rings does not mean he has an extra finger.  He probably just switches them out or something, the actual ring is not THAT big of a deal.

Who is playing this year? Is Michael Jordan in this one? I saw him in Space Jam and he defeated those aliens!

No, he retired quite a long time ago.  And Space Jam is fictional.  What he played in was not the NBA Finals.  The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks are playing in this years.

What is a Maverick? I think I know what Heat is, but a Maverick?

A Maverick is a type of horse.

Oh, Don’t you get short with me Mr.! I wanna know my horses.

I am not going to look up what type of horse it is.  It is just a horse.

I have actually heard of one player on that team though.

It is probably Dirk.

NO NO! It is Peja Stovagahavictic, or something like that.  Usually I just call him a chunky chicken.

That’s a pretty random person to know, I mean he is not that good.  How did you get chunky chicken out of it?

Don’t worry, be happy.

That did not help at all.  That is a name of a song.

I am going to take the long way home tonight! Only those good die young!

Alright I am just going to leave now before you start singing Billy Joel.

See ya!  I will be back back back for more interesting FAQ’s!!!



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