The Custodian’s Championship Notes

Don’t worry, a BIO BLAST is just below! 

Yes, the Mavs beat the Heat in game 6 of probably one of the best NBA final’s series ever. 

– That is what you get, LeBron, for leaving Cleveland. I find it very annoying how in Cleveland LeBron wins two MVPs in a row, electrifies the NBA, and has multiple 50 point games. Now in Miami, he is just boring. Did not do anything special in the finals at all. Also, he destroyed an already awful sports city that has a failing baseball and football team, then you go rub it in their face by growing up in Ohio, becoming the cities hero, and then leaving for Miami when you can’t even pull it off again. I have no doubt that he will eventually win 2 or 3 NBA championships, but he could have cemented his legacy as one of the top 5 or even the best ever to play if he just stayed in Cleveland, got one more role player and won multiple championships. #smh. 

In other news despite that mini rant on LeBron..

– A mini bio blast on Dallas’ random role players.

Jose Juan (J.J) Barea: 

He is Puerto Rican and went to Northeastern, he is also ranked a very deceiving 68 overall on NBA 2k11.

DeShawn Stevenson:

Known for his three pointer signs and shoving Mario Chalmers very hard.

Brain Cardinal:

Our cover man, “The Custodian” attended Purdue University. #Mrs.Davis. You might be wondering, how is this guy even on an NBA roster, better yet, he plays basketball? Well, he is known for his extra hustle points and his hard fouls on Chris Bosh. 

Now for that celebratory mood you are in after the Mavs won, here is a little Karate Kid scene that might add to it.


One Response to The Custodian’s Championship Notes

  1. howard rackmil says:

    liked this very much- however are you sure that cardinal did not play for stanford ?

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