Guadaloupe’s Terrific, but Mostly Terrible Tuesday Taboo

– Yes, you read right, that is Guadeloupe’s Tuesday Taboo.  Not Guatemala or Guadalupe Hidalgo, but  Guadaloupe’s.  That really important and famous country in the Lesser Antilles.  They play soccer in the CONCAAF and are playing the fighting bald head’s of Michael Bradley.

Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 for all of the millions of RD hockey fans out there.  #pleasedontbitemyfinger.  That hash-tag is brought to you by the Vancouver Canucks who’s player bit a Bruins player on the finger.  Going for some Charlie bit my finger jokes here…

– What do the Heat do now? Cavs fans everywhere are extremely happy that LeBron did not win the Championship, but I ask really Cavs fans? Really?  I understand that he left you and everything, but without LeBron your team would have won under 30 games in the past 6 years.  I mean at least you had LeBron.  Yes, he did kinda betray you, but still without LeBron you would have been trash for the past decade.  He brought you a good team to Cleveland for the first time since 1492, so you should be thankful that you even had him.  #rantthatwaslongoverdure #superlonghash-tags #heycavsfanswherewasyourteamspostseasonthisyear. Too many hash-tags for one day.

– #TiredofhearingaboutLeBron Ok. I promise no more.

– Michael Wilbon told Kentucky to tell the NCAA to go to hell.  Finally someone understands.

– Now some King Harvest and Dancin’ in the Moonlight…


One Response to Guadaloupe’s Terrific, but Mostly Terrible Tuesday Taboo

  1. Kevin Lentz says:

    loved the tags and GREAT argument bout lebron, #sotrue

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