Happy Birthday Tupac’s Short Late Night News Flash

– It’s a news flash! News flash! Also, happy birthday Tupac the pride of the mean streets.  Now let’s not start throwing up gang signs errwhere… In Tupac related news a man has told police that he killed the rap legend.

– Rory Mcilroy is leading the U.S. Open at -6. ESPN has you covered tomorrow morning followed by NBC’s Championship Season coverage in the afternoon.

– Deshawn Stevenson couldn’t convince the police that he was Abraham Lincoln when he got arrested.  He is going back to the parlor tonight to get a bigger tattoo of ole’ Abe on his neck/face.  He needs to convince the policia that he is honest Abe.  #heylebronhowsmymugtaste.  Hash-tag jokes about Deshawn getting arrested.

– Kentucky told the NCAA that they would follow their win count instead of telling them to go to hell like Wilbon suggested.

– The Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night over rioting Vancouver fans.  Vancouver is considered one of the hardest cities to spell. #dontcallmestupid

Now some good ole’ Drifter’s.


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