Tom Thibodeau’s Tacky Thursday Tunes

– Just kidding! I hope these tunes ain’t tacky!

– Well the big news is that the NBA is locked out beginning at midnight tonight, meaning that both the NBA and NFL are experiencing lockouts. We all know that Tom Thibodeau, the coach of the Chicago Bulls ain’t gonna be happy.

– Sorry turning the Eastern Kentucky typing off…

– Kentucky came out with new football uniforms today, and they look alright.  Of course we still can’t get black because we have to be the old school boring screen pass school…

– Lexington was named the laziest city in America by Yahoo!. No FAQ guy that exclamation point is not meant to show my enthusiasm about the subject…

– Can we give a big round of applause for the return of the…’s.  The dot-dot-dot’s that is…

– As you can see nothing at all going on today so let’s watch some good ole’ George Thorogood and that random guy at the very beginning…


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