Ambrose Burnside’s Friday Spectacular

BIO BLAST:  Burnside was one of the many Union Generals in the Civil War. A fun fact that I know FAQ guy is going to enjoy is that the popular term ‘sideburns’ for facial hair was actually derived from none other than big Ambrose himself.

I seriously have no idea why I even thought of Ambrose Burnside to be mentioned in this Friday spectacular, but anyways.. on to those cherished notes…

– Today I was watching Andy Murray play Nadal in the Wimbledon semis. I only watched the first set and in this first set, Murray was really playing well and looking like he was actually going to win instead of lose in the semis as always. Murray won the first set but not much after that. Nadal destroyed him after and now the finals are Nadal vs Djokovic. I’m taking Nadal.

– ESPN ranked Archie Griffin the number 1 best college football player on saturday, that pretty much didn’t do anything in the pros. #coldhardfacts. right? Did I do it? Did I get a funny hash-tag in? No FAQ guy this isn’t NFL live with Trey Wingo and the crew.

Deion Sanders Jr, you guessed it, son of Deion Sanders was hassled at a mall for using a credit card that said the name ‘Deion Sanders’ on it trying to buy Chick-fl-a. (a JT favorite.). In response, Deion Sanders Jr told the police to google him. 

– I am really not interested in the Women’s World Cup, sorry ESPN.

– I am interested in seeing when Kentucky will get that first 2012 recruit though and many believe Calipari has some tricks up his sleeves.

Besides all that, here is some good ole’ John Denver.


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