Black Bart’s Misleading Tuesday Tabloid

BIO-BLAST: Black Bart was an American Old West outlaw noted for his poetic messages left after his robberies. He is often confused with the Welsh pirate, Bartholomew Roberts, pictured above. 

 – Well first off, before I tell you that Black Bart has nothing to do with this post, sorry for not having a post for about a week. BD was off with the pros at Pebble Beach and I randomly just never got to making a post. 

On to those beloved notes…

– Black Bart has nothing to do with this post.

– Who will be the first Kentucky 2012 recruit…? That is a tough one. I really want Shabazz Muhammad of course, but it goes deeper into that. BD and I had a funny experience with this recruit and now that he is #1 overall, I really want him to go to Kentucky. I also would like Archie Goodwin, Dajuan Coleman, and Ricardo ‘findmewhereitscloudycloudy’ Gathers. The only problem with this is that Ricardo ‘findmewhereitscloudycloudy’ Gathers is not considering Kentucky.

– In other news, Derek Jeter, BD’s mortal enemy, skipped the all-star game for being ‘exhausted‘ after chasing 3000 hits. Really?

– Not much else going on except for the huge win for the US against Brazil. It actually was a really good game. Brazil was being really annoying and faking injuries to waste time and then in stoppage time of extra time, the US scored on an amazing header and then won on penalty shots.

-Well I hope you enjoyed a nice Misleading Tuesday Tabloid.


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