Chief Osceola’s Slender Sunday Writes

BIO-BLAST:Chief Osceola was  was an influential leader with the Seminole in Florida. Osceola led a small band of warriors in the Seminole resistance during the Second Seminole War when the United States tried to remove the Seminoles from their lands. He exercised a great deal of influence on Micanopy, the highest-ranking chief of the Seminoles. He also is the mascot of the Florida State Seminoles.. 

– Well first off, of course, Chief Osceola has nothing to do with this post besides the fact that college football is coming soon..

Now on to those joyous notes..

– The NFL lockout will most likely end in the next week.. Sweet. 

– The Mariners have lost 15 games in a row. How do you do that in baseball?

– Uruguay won the Copa America 2011 championship against assumed rivals Paraguay.

– Really not much at all going on besides these slender notes.. Well, speaking of South American soccer, here is a video of Colombia’s goalie doing something crazy.



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