I’m Back Like Snackpacks, and Other Comeback Notes

– Snackpacks are coming back into society, just like me after almost a month hiatus. I’m sorry after traveling from the land of multi-millionaire’s to what some people call “The Big Apple.”

– Well the biggest story is probably the UK legends game vs. the Dominican Republic National Team on August 15th.  Tickets go on sale Friday, and the game features @jimmywa11 and @boogiecousins.  Sorry, one minute its the trendy hashtags and the next the tagging of professional athletes. C’mon FAQ guy get it together. I’m SO sorry!!

– Well, actually, the bigger story is the NFL lockout is over.  Well, there isn’t anything to say about it other than let Fantasy Football begin, because clearly ESPN’s 24/7 coverage of each and every team, tells you everything you need to know.  Today felt more like draft day with all of the trades and signings, and ESPN didn’t waste any of our time bringing in big Adam Schef’ and John Clayton to the roundtable every 2.5 minutes.

– Tavaris Jackson has signed with Seattle Seahawks meaning that Matt Hasselback won’t be “back” like me, snackpacks, or his last name.  Also, Carson is said to be retiring already, and the Giants are already thinking of Plaxico Burress to rejoin the team.

– Well that’s just about it for these comeback notes…


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