Lou Holtz’s Droopy Monday Notes

Dr. Lou, Dr. Lou, Dr. Lou

– Yes, today we celebrate the one and only Lou Holtz.  We are celebrating for no reason, but we still would like to celebrate the legend himself.  Somewhere in Eastern North Carolina, Skip, his son is trying to follow in his pops footsteps.

– People are starting to get excited about the UK pros vs. the Dominican Team, and the tickets practically sold out.  Al Horford and Francisco Garcia will receive the warmest of welcomes when introduced.  #FreeJoeB! Well FAQ guy, Joe B is free, you are behind on the times, obviously… Yes, Joe B is free after a long day of messages from twittering “tweeps” such as Erin Andrews and Dick Vitale. “Free Joe B BABY!” Salty, dry, humor FAQ guy. Corny, corny humor…

Caleb Kaleb Tazainoaugfhskzcmskiski says he will decide in the next 24 hours, and Kentucky is one of the favorites.

Randy Moss is retiring, and for that we give him a tribute on Lou Holtz’s Droopy Monday Notes. At least a random Vikings fan isn’t geting mooned.  Straight cash homie.


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