Wilson Williams Wild Wednesday Willies

– Geez! These notes really give me the willies!  Bio Blast: Wilson Williams was an actor in the smash-hit movie We Are Marshall.  Wilson is also a three-time spelling bee champion.

– USA is currently down by 1 goal against that pesky Mexican National Team.  Go Freddy Adu! Go Landon Donavon! Go Tim Howard!

-Texas A&M is considering a move to the SEC.  I really do like this because frankly I like current SEC.  I feel like it won’t be the same if they join… Plus, we would have to play Texas A&M in basketball.

– Andre Drummond is still interested in Kentucky.  Personally I would still prefer me and JR’s Muhammed Shabazz Shabazz Muhammed.

– The UK football team might get an Ohio State transfer.  No he does not have tattoos.  No he does not have a car.

In honor of JR’s return to school tomorrow, I send him off with a classic jam.


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