Keegan Bradley’s Rare Sunday Night “Comeback” Notes


– #letsgokeegan

– As most of us know, today was the final round of the PGA Championship.  Jason Dufner and his right hand man, who after each and every shot over the final two rounds, screamed out “WAR EAGLE,” was leading by 5 shots going into the scary 15th hole.  He knocked that shot into the water, and it all went downhill from there.  Keegan Bradley charged up the leaderboard sending it to a playoff, where he later won.

– The SEC flat-out rejected Tejas  Texas A&M from joining the league.  I really like that they are not added because personally I enjoy the classic SEC.  Also the ghost of Acie Law IV could scare some of the players.  Really, I think that the ghost of Matt Walsh is scarier.

UK legends game tomorrow and yours truly, JR and BD will be in attendance with media passes.  That’s a joke, we will not, but maybe FAQ guy will sneak on the court.

– Dan Uggla’s hit streak ended today with 33 games.

– Randall Cobb didn’t get haunted by any ghosts and caught 3 passes for 60 yards in a pre-season game yesterday.

– Now sit back and let the Grass Roots inspire you about what you should live for…


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