Godzilla’s Tuesday Night Tabloids

Get him a towel FAQ guy, Quick! 

What’s new? Godzilla surprisingly does not have to do with this post.

On to those frightened notes..

– The NFL preseason does not interest me.. at all. Also, Merril Hoge… is not a very nice or smart guy. I was watching Sportsnation today and he just ranted and ranted on Tim Tebow. He basically said Tim Tebow sucks and will not be successful in the NFL because of his accuracy.. Really Merril? LeBron James even tweeted about it and ripped Hoge.. Take that! And no FAQ guy, not the shoe brand. 

– The Dominicans and Ben Wallace beat the UK legends again in Louisville. Viva Dominicana!!!!

– I would actually be all for the SEC expanding to 16 teams. I think in a way it would be pretty cool as long as we don’t let Missouri join the league. Yeah, it would work well and all because they would join with Tejas A&M to be in the SEC west; however, it just doesn’t seem right that Missouri be in the SEC. On the other side, it would be pretty cool for Florida State and Clemson to join and that would work out pretty well. As for the team in replacement for Missouri? I have no idea.. Tejas themselves? One of the Oklahoman teams? Who knows? Actually probably not just Tejas because they have some TV deal or something like that.

You spelled ‘Texas’ wrong 3 times.. I know FAQ guy, that was the point.

That is it for these short, scary notes.. Here is Merril Hoge doing at what he does best.


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