Tom Coughlin’s Grumpy Monday Night Notes

– Well I was watching Monday Night Football tonight, and realized how grumpy Tom Coughlin is… The Giants returned an interception for a touchdown and he almost threw his headset on the ground, and starting yelling at a lineman who was in the wrong place.  Wait Tom, didn’t your team just score a touchdown?

– Those Kentucky Little Leaguers got eliminated by the Georgia team today 8-5 in extra innings.

– The Broncos are making Kyle Orton their quarterback. According to reliable sources Jesus was responsible for the decision because Tim Tebow isn’t a virgin anymore.  Just kidding, I don’t think that actually happened.  Somewhere Florida Gators fantasy football players are crying after drafting him.  Also, Brady Quinn’s mom is upset about her fantasy team.  

– The Raiders picked Terrelle Pyror today in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft.  Wait, who was in the supplemental draft that would be better than him?

Is the NBA still in a lockout?  ESPN hasn’t been covering this as much as the NFL… It’s probably because the NBA doesn’t have Adamn Schef’ and John Clayton…

– That’s it for these grumpy notes…


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