Wild Bill’s Celebration of People Working’s Monday Notes

Howdy Bill!

– Today is all about honoring labor.  Wild Bill sure worked against crime and grew famous as a Wild West figure.  He beats out a Wild West favorite Sharp Shootin’ Mcgee as RD’s favorite Wild West person.

– Well it has been awhile and UK played Western Kentucky on Thursday.  It was absolutely horrible.  Horrible.  Our wide receivers were fantastic.* Did I say that it was horrible.  *indicates the opposite of what they were, some call it sarcasm.

South Curilinia decided to stop one point short of covering the spread, which made big BD and little angry.  Also BYU decided not to kick a field goal on 4th and 1, and went for it resulting in them not covering the spread because they got stopped.

– The U.S. Open is going on and no one really pays attention to the first weekend, and I really don’t know anything that is going on.

– The U starts out their football season tonight with a bunch of players suspended.  Nevin Shapiro should be with them in spirit and I believe that they will win.  Somewhere Jimmy Johnson is smiling that he won championships without cheating.  Wait, the NASCAR guy? No the other Jimmy Johnson. There are too many Jimmie or Jimmy Johnson’s.

Now some Elton John.  Hopefully Emeniem is nowhere around here to insult him.


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