Bo Outlaw’s Typical Tuesday Notes

Bojangles Outlaw

– Today is annual Bo Outlaw Day.  Just kidding, that is not a real day, and will never be a real day because it is Bo Outlaw.  Bojangles Bo Freakin’ Outlaw.  No more chicken joint jokes.

– Novak The Joker defeated Rafa Nadal yesterday in the Men’s final in the U.S. Open.  It was a classic clash of two tennis greats, but the Joker got the best of him.  No FAQ guy not the Joker from batman. Joker Phillips? NO. Tha Joker rapper? NO FAQ GUY. NO. NO. NO.

– Manny Ramirez was released from jail and he cannot contact his wife.

– Belmont race track’s first winners on Sunday? Nos. 9, 1, and 1.  Coincidence much.  Let’s make a conspiracy.

– How does a kicker get injured in the first kickoff of the season?  That’s right because he’s on my team.  Of course that would happen.  Oh, and he is a kicker.

– Also, the NCAA gave Boise State 3 years probation and honestly no one cares.

Now some Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Gotta love the crowd jumping up and down.


One Response to Bo Outlaw’s Typical Tuesday Notes

  1. Nacy says:

    Awesome….still the good person I met years ago and still doing great things for others !!!…

    Luv Always 4ya,
    Ur LiL Buddy

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