Joey Zasa’s Wednesday Comeback Notes

BIO-BLAST: Joey Zasa is a fictional character in the movie GodFather Part III. Basically, he is the bad guy.. And the guy behind his left shoulder really intimidates me..
–  Yes I know, it has been a while since us folk at RD made a post.
– But first, Joey Zasa has nothing to do with this post. I only made him in the title because his name is fun to say with an Italian accent..
Now on to those immortal notes..
– First off, Archie Goodwin committed to UK, giving them their first 2012 commit. His first name is really catchy.
– Perry Ellis committed to Kansas being the buzzkill of the week.
Archie> Perry
– A lot of conference rearrangement which is gotten to be quite annoying. I do not understand why the conferences, minus the fact that they want to make more money, want to expand. They should just leave it back to normal at 12 teams per the major conferences. I like that the Pac-10 expanded to the Pac-12, but everything is going too far with 16. The most recent moves are Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC, which then makes the Big East not the most entertaining conference in basketball anymore. However, it does take away the excuse of Louisville fans that “they play in the toughest conference, so that’s why we have so many losses.” The conference expansion in my mind doesn’t really affect basketball as much as football. In football, essentially you have 2 divisions of 8 teams. So you play everyone in your division once, then play one out of division game. Just one instead of 3. So in the words of Lou Holtz, it is basically like playing in a conference within a conference. I actually agree with him on this. So in someways the conference expansions to 16 will be pretty cool, and in others it will just be stupid.
– Sorry for  that mini-rant..
– In other news, the NFL is going strong and the chiefs absolutely suck. Last year they were really good and now they are just flat out terrible. To add to their terribleness, their only really good player, Charles is out for the season. Sucks
– That’s it for these comeback notes, except for this pretty cool scene from the Godfather Part III.. watch out, there is violence! 

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