Meat Loaf’s Tuesday Toga

Absolutely Stunning

– No, not meatloaf as in the food, but Meat Loaf.  The man.  The myth.  The legend.  He will do AAAANNNYTTTHING for l-ave. It is also his birthday.

– Well, well, well.. look what the cat drug in.  It’s BD back from his explorations of the District of Columbia.

– Those Aggies of Tejas Texas A&M has joined the SEC.  It is the 13th member of the SEC, so we are looking for that 14th team to level things out.

– Ozzie Guillen was TRADED to the Marlins.  That’s right! Traded! Back to those obscene baseball rules.  It is the only league where you can trade your coach to another team.  Since when have you been able to trade coaches.  Especially after the trade deadline.  Isn’t there a trade deadline for a reason? But baseball is different, they trade the entire year, and frankly I don’t understand. Notice the correct usage of there.  Also, Ozzie was traded for 2 minor leaguers? A coach traded for farm leaguers? Get JT on here because he got some ‘splanin’ to do.

– Tennessee is done for again.  Really, there are getting owned by the NCAA in pretty much everything.  This time a football coach was playing for players to travel during the Lane Kiffen era.  Smart Lane.  Smart.

Now some classic ole’ Meat Loaf.


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