Father Hidalgo’s Thursday Transcripts

BioBlast: Father Hidalgo was a Mexican priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence. 

– Father Hidalgo did have something to do with the Mexican Independence, but not this post. ¡Viva La Revolución! What in the world?? As you can see, FAQ guy is back.

Now on to those highly regarded notes…

– The World Series is probably something that you would have to pay me to watch this year. Most uninteresting matchup that could come out of the playoffs… but I predict the Tejas Texas Rangers to win it all if that means anything.

– Carson Palmer is now on the Raiders. Wait, what?

– UNC, Kentucky, Ohio State, Uconn, and Syracuse round out the top 5. Ohio State of course sneaks in there. They lost John 3bler and that 10th year senior with the very big eyes (picture below), but actually might end up being pretty good. Vanderbilt, #7, has never lived up to its potential and that will not change this year. 

– Some more conference expansion talk, as it seems like every other day universities change their minds of what they want to do. If Missouri ends up coming to the SEC, Louisville should move to the Big 12. Yes, Big East, you heard that. Louisville, Pitt, and Syracuse will be gone soon and your conference will be weaker than ever. No, do not go and add Boise State. The teams would have games in the northeastern part of the country, then suddenly have to fly out all the way to Idaho. It would make sense if Boise was at least remotely close to the eastern part of the country, but they are in Idaho. What’s Idaho? FAQ guy, the door is to your left.

– The NBA and NFL lockouts combined have almost reached the level of annoying that the Barry Bonds and steroids incident hit. Almost..

– That is pretty much all for now, you are now going to click out of this page with David Lighty staring at you.



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