Sam Sheepdog’s Thursday Transliterations

This post really has nothing to do with Sam Sheepdog.

– Well, Kentucky beat the Transy Dracula’s from Central Romania in quite a showing, 97-53. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had a huge game and might just take the starting job from Miller. I am against this for one reason. Miller is the senior leader on this team and if Miller has the confidence and plays well, this team will be almost unstoppable. However, Miller has to start to do so..

– Alabama- LSU on Saturday in a 1 vs 2 classic matchup. This is called the game of the century, and my bold prediction is LSU to win. Geaux Tigers.

-The world’s longest header for a goal (63 yards) was scored by Ryujiro Ueda, a member of the prestigious Fagiano Okayama FC in Japan.

Tim Tebow is the man, much to BD’s dismay.

– On a random note, one of my favorite ESPN guys is Kenny Mayne. He has really great mini videos that are pretty funny. To add to all of that, he does those really badly planned JC Penny commercials where everyone always watches the girl getting out of the pool or the guy getting hit in the face by a dodgeball or water balloon, instead of actually watching the other half of the screen where the actual advertisement is taking place.

That is it for Thursday’s Transliterations, here is some good ole’ Traffic to go along with the letter T-themed post.


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