The Panda’s Monday Afternoon Delights

BIO-BLAST: Pablo Sandoval, nicknamed the Panda is a Venezuelan professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants. Note: Sandoval is not a real panda, nor was he kidnapped in his own country. 

– Well first off, The NBA lockout is having some drama. The NBA players are planning to secede disband from the union, likely jeopardizing the season. Wait a second.. No FAQ guy, this is not 1860.

– Michael Vick broke a couple of ribs in an upsetting loss to the Arizona Cardinals. It seems as though the Eagles are not going to make the playoffs. *sigh*

– Tomorrow marks the 24 hour basketball marathon. The big games are Florida- Ohio State, Duke- Michigan State, and of course Kentucky- Kansas. My picks are Florida, Michigan State, and Kentucky.

– It would really suck to be a Penn State fan right now.

– On a funny note, #7 Vanderbilt lost to Cleveland State and #15 UCLA lost to Loyola Marymount. Yes, Loyola Marymount.

– Minnesota plays Green Bay tonight and expect the mighty cheese to stay undefeated.

Other than that, not much going on so I will leave you with a little taste of some flute solo.


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