Madea Goes To Jail’s Long Lost Friday Post

Yes, Madea is Tyler Perry

– Well tis’ I BD back after a long time.  I know.  I know.  I should be posting more, which is what I am going to start doing, but I have been very busy lately.  Today I decided to throw a curveball at you.  I am going to tell you what sports figures want for Christmas, and what they give thanks to, Part 1. Oh, and by the way, the title is because in New Jersey three women were arrested because they were all fighting over a $1.99 copy of Madea Goes to Jail….

Anthony Davis

Gives thanks to: His unusually long legs, and his unusually long wingspan.

Christmas List: Razor, New Fear the Brow Shirt, and a ticket for both him and his unibrow to the Final Four.

Doron Lamb

Gives thanks to: the fact that you have 5 fingers so that you can form the 3 goggles.

Christmas List: A haircut for “Nappy Boy,” A ticket for him and “Nappy Boy” to the Final Four, and an afro comb for “Nappy Boy.”

Kyle Wiltjer

Gives thanks to: Larry Bird, James Worthy, Dr. J.  For providing him with the sky hook of course.

Christmas List: Full time cameramen for filming of the WBA, some 80’s converses to fit the hook shot, and a new last name.

Ryan Harrow

Gives thanks to: His God-given ability to get women

Christmas List: A huskier tone to his voice, a new Twitter machine so that he can tweet love quotes easily, and the new R-Kelly CD.

That’s all folks.  Stay tuned for Part 2.


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