Hopping the Wall and Other Monday Notes

Matty Ice

– Finally.  Finally.  Finally.  The streak is finally over.  After 26 long years, Kentucky finally beat Tennessee 10-7.  Led by Matt Roark, the once heralded field goal blocker that got a picture with BD and JR, those cats finally got a W over those dirty Vols.  Fans rushed the field while drunk Tennessee hicks yelled expletives about how they control the overall series.  BD has a phrase for them: We live in the present, not the past.  Confucius-like.

– Stevie Johnson, one of BD’s favorite WRs, made a big splash on the NFL scene after a hilarious celebration.  The celebration was Stevie shooting himself, along the lines of what Plaxico Burress did.  He drew a penalty, and ironically, working with short field, Plaxico caught the go-ahead TD catch for the Jets.  Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football said that Stevie cost the Bills the game because he dropped the ball on the final drive, while he did not drop it at all.  The ball was thrown over his head, and he didn’t even get a hand on it.  #teamsteviejohnson.  I am all for celebrating, but poor ole’ Richards Almanac Roger Goodell is a goody-good, and can’t let em’ be.

– Brings me to my next point.  I hate Tim “God” Tebow.  I hate his guts.  I hate how everyone thinks that he is the bomb.com, while in reality his stats are some of the worst in the league.  He was given credit for winning in overtime yesterday, while it was completely Willis McGahee’s moment.  Willis is the reason that they won they game, while ESPN, and the common folk, think that Tebow is still the second coming of Christ.  Tebow sat on the sideline in prayer, while the kicker won the game for them.  This is the same kicker that went 3/3 and accounted for more points than Tebow himself.  Yet, Tebow gets all the love.  If Aaron Rodgers threw for 130 yards and touchdown, would people give him credit for having a good game.  If Tom Brady threw for 80 yards against a poor Chiefs defense, would ESPN still praise him for getting the win?  The answer is no.

– Now Steve Johnson spraying bullets around the field.


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