Frida Kahlo’s Thursday Evening Comeback Notes


– First of all, Frida Kahlo has very little to do with this post; EXCEPT, that she bears a striking resemblance to Anthony Davis above the eyes. BioBlast: Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who was most famous for her self portraits. She has a very interesting, troubled life story and is also married to another famous Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.

Now I am going to wipe off the rust and get on to those beloved notes..

– Virginia plays at Duke tonight. Good luck JT, you’re going to need it.

Tebow is amazing.

– Mark Sanchez is incredibly annoying and is also terrible. I am all for whoever called him out on the Jets. It seems like that team is the NFL’s drama queen along with the Cowboys. Rex and Rob Ryan= #smh

#4 undefeated Baylor is no joke. They are loaded and could be a team to look at in the NCAA tournament. They have so much talent that if everything still goes well for them (no injuries, team troubles, etc), they will be in my final four. Plus, they have this guy. Pierre Jackson– 5’9 Southern Idaho transfer that is insane. Yes, if you were thinking the prestigious Southern Idaho Golden Eagles, you were correct.




Just so you have a little something extra to look at, here is this: 

One question: Where was this creature on our “Random NBA Mascots” post??


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