This Dramatic Porcupine’s Thursday Compositions


– This dramatic porcupine has little to none to do with this post.

– Say NO to SOPA/PIPA or else RD may be shut down forever. So all you millions of devoted fans and readers do your best to keep RD alive.

– All of Kentucky’s three recruits for next year , Willie and the Poor Boys Cauley, Archie Goodwin, and Alex Poythress were invited to be in the McDonald’s All- American game. All we need now is Shabazz.

– If you haven’t heard already, the Patriots beat Tim Tebow’s Broncos 45-10. The obvious reason why the Broncos lost was because Tim Tebow was secretly playing injured! Of course.

– Indiana has lost 3 straight games. They just lost to Nebraska (Yes they have a basketball team). Although they played great against Kentucky, maybe the Indiana team isn’t as good as everyone, especially their fan base, is making them out to be. 

– My pick for the Superbowl is the Giants. I predicted them to beat the Packers and feel that this is like the same 2007 championship team that beat the undefeated Patriots. In the end I am predicting the Giants over the Ravens. Manning vs Flacco and his handlebar mustache.

– To remain on topic, a neighbor of Joe Flacco and his handlebar mustache ratted him out for riding a skateboard. That is all.

– A weird story came up that Fausto Carmona, pitcher for the Indians who became really popular a few years ago and kind of disappeared, was using a fake ID this whole time and is actually named Roberto Hernandez Heredia. O_o

That is all for now, listen to some good ole’ CCR from their album Willy and the Poor Boys.



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