Back To Reality’s Tuesday Taboo

– No, not reality TV shows FAQ guy.  Bad FAQ guy, bad.  Sit FAQ guy.  Sit.  No… Heel FAQ guy.

– Sorry, had to get FAQ guy back to his kennel.  It has been over a month since BD has made a big ole’ post on this blog-a-thon.

– Well, Kentucky beat the Tennessee Volunteers tonight by 20.  It was a complete blowout, and probably the best game we have played all season.  It was an amazing game, and even Doron Lamb tweeted, “This is crazy.”  Anthony Davis almost had a triple-double, showing again that he is the beast of the east.  According to Jimmy Dykes, Jarnell Stokes still doesn’t know how to stretch, or even how to run.  He couldn’t count how many they lost by because he doesn’t even know his multiplication tables.

– Did anyone else see Blake Griffin’s Dunk.  Well I did.  Kendrick Perkins got a blast of the 21st century (Insert BD iPhone 4s joke here) as Blake Griffins FUPA rose above his head, and slammed down a huge slam.  Look up FUPA if you do not know.  It will interest you.

– The most Super of all Bowls is here on Sunday, only a few days away.  Yes, that’s right folks!  It’s Puppy Bowl VI! Just kidding, no one watches Animal Planet anymore.  But, really, the Giants and Patriots will clash in this years festival.  Go G-Men!  I hate the Patriots almost as that guy in Denver that likes praying a lot.  Something like that.

– I think that is all for today, but it is one of the Mumford and Sons birthdays, so look at the video… I will be back!  Sooner than last time!



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