Willie Warren’s #Winning Wednesday Writes

Willie wishes he was on the Equipo de (da) Latinos

– Hey! It’s Willie Warren’s #Winning Wednesday Writes! Let’s get into it!

– Let’s start off this fiesta with the Kentucky game.  Kentucky beat Florida last night 78-58, a 20 point blowout.  I did’t catch any of the game, but it appeared to be a Anthony Davis dunk and block party.  Or shall I say “fiesta.”  Florida fans were having their version of “UK hate week” on Twitter yesterday, but after seeing the scoreboard, they ran out of hashtags.  #Gainsvilledoesntexist  #Iremembermyfirsthashtag  Some insults included the Kentucky hasn’t won a championship this century. #MattWalshisgay  Ok, well we haven’t but you have 2 and we have 7.  #AnthonyDavissaysshutup #winning.

– Random note, but you can buy Louis Vuitton condoms for $68 a piece.  So just in case you have that kind of money…

– What does Willie Warren have to do with this post?  Nothing, but he did play for the Clippers last year..

– A big night in college hoops tonight.  No, not women’s basketball. But anyway, Duke and North Carolina, and Kansas and Baylor play tonight, so I’m finna get off this blog “ish.”  Sorry, I’m not sorry for using this new found “lingo.”

– Brandon Jacobs told Tom Brady’s “smokin’ hot wife” Gisele Bundchen to shut up.  She made comments about New England Patriots wide receivers not being able to catch the ball.  Jacobs responded by saying that she should stay cute, and shut up.  I hope both of those things also Brandon.

– Memphis joined the Big East, meaning that Memphis will now play Louisville in basketball, after Rick Pitino blocking them when Calipari was there.  This also further expands the Big East’s boundaries, making it the Big America.

-It was Bob Marley’s birthday yesterday, so why not a little “Stir it Up?”  Don’t Worry, it will be a fiesta!



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