Linsanity, Linbelievable, and Linpossible’s Tuesday Taboo

See, here at RD we are all one, big, happy, family

– Wow.  Lin the kid made another highlight tonight, hitting the game winner against the Raptors.  The man is on a mission, and unlike other American folk heroes such as Paul Bunyan and Tim Tebow, BD is really hitting if off with this Lin character. (Just kidding, of course BD loves him some Paul Bunyan)  Although ESPN covers him more than a sheet on a bed, I’m all in on Lin.  (See what I did there).  Lin also has the most points in his first 5 starts in the history of the NBA, beating Shaq, Dominique Wilkens, and Larry Bird.

– UK sucessfully occupied Memorial on Saturday and held off those fighting Sioux nerds of Vandy.  While Vanderbilt might be slightly better than the North Dakota Fighting Sioux (who got to keep that moniker), (yes, I used the word moniker) (yes, I used two parentheses back to back) Kentucky still got the better of them. Took you a minute to get back on topic eh?  WWMKGD?

– West Virginia is moving to the Big 12 10 11 8 6 17 14 from the Big East after paying the Big East West South North screw it, the Big America conference $20 million.  This whole conference thing is making me confused, and regions don’t matter anymore, and neither do numbers.  Those mountainmen don’t even know how to add all these teams together anyway.

– Yes, Whitney Houston did die, just wanting to clear that up.  (Good, says JT)

– Are you an Animal?  I sure am.  Now some good ole’ Animals.  Their lead singer will surprise you with his deep voice.  He’s suave. It gives me a the heeby-geebies. Just Sayin’


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