Lil’ Kim’s Rare Weekend Writes

Which one is the… REAL Lil’ Kim? 

BIOBLASTS: Kim Jong- un is the supreme leader of North Korea after his father died in December. Lil’ Kim is an American rapper that went to prison for a year. Drastically different… However, are they actually… the same person? Conspiracy!

– Today, is a rare day, it is a Saturday post. I doubt I have ever made one on a Saturday, but with a lot of bordem and when I saw this Time Magazine cover it was hard to pass up.

On to those weekend writes..

Linsanity’s streak has ended. I wanted to see it keep going but the media, specifically ESPN has made Lin their prophet replacing Tim Tebow during the offseason. This got really annoying. Really, really, really annoying. However, the funniest part about all of this, was the giant fail that ESPN’s website headline displayed. “Chink in the Armor” depicting the Knicks loss and the end to the streak. This incredibly clever headline was also incredibly raciest. I have no idea how someone moderating the site can miss that.

– In college basketball news today, Kentucky had a rough start but cruised to a victory against dem’ mississippi rebels. Murray State proved to the NCAA committee (Below) that they are worthy of a high seed after they beat St. Mary’s pretty bad. Louisville beat DePaul in overtime. Yes, DePaul. Michigan plays Ohio State later tonight and I think Michigan will pull the upset just because it is at home.

– Manu Ginobili is out again. The Equipo de Latinos are fighting to stay alive on their 2 game winning streak. #Winning

– Texas Tech is just doing flat out awful as Kentucky fans expected with Billy Gillispie as the head coach. They are 1-12 in Big 12 play and just scored 38 points in a loss vs Texas A&M, Clyde’s old home where he actually was… good. As I was looking at their schedule I saw that they allowed the institution Our Lady of the Lake to score 80 points, and also only beat Southwestern Oklahoma by a whoppin’ of 6 points.

That’s it for this rare weekend post, so I will leave you with this video. I forgot to say how JR Smith, is joining Melo’s, Stoudemire’s, Lin’s Knicks.


The NCAA selection committee leader


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