Andray Blatche’s Ball-Hogging Monday Notes

Kiss My A**

– This post goes out to the notorious ball-hog (and triple-double whore) Andray Blatche.  He is probably BD’s least favorite basketball player ever, but the easiest to laugh at.

– Is anybody else watching the Daytoner’ 5 hundered?  It has been postponed from yesterday afternoon to tonight at 7.  NASCAR fans from all over the Tennessee and Carolina boarders (and along is Mississippi) have been crying since  yesterday afternoon waiting for Daytoner’ to get started.  Let’s go Danicer’.  Go Daddy for life!

– Well UK came from behind to beat Vandy over the weekend, despite Kevin from the office Stallings constant yelling.  Despite telling the ref to kiss his A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ hammertime.  Sorry.  Um, well he didn’t get a technical, but rather a high-five from Big Sean and Nikki Minaj.

– Who else cut out their eye sockets while watching the dunk contest the other night.  Without judges, and without a final round, it made it the most boring thing in the world.  Without the lack of a big star it made it boring.  Without the crowd intensity, which I can see why.  That pretty much sucked.  I don’t know who was in it, or even who won the game, I just like listening to Charles Folk Hero Barkley why.

– Now that triple-double whore.


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