Ivan the Terrible’s Wednesday Night Lampoon

He’s salty

BIOBLAST: Ivan the Terrible was Tzar of Russia from 1533 until his death in 1584

– Ivan the Terrible has nothing at all to do with this post except for setting a grumpy attitude which will be utilized further down in the puestage. POSTAR- to post (O-UE). That ain’t Spainsh, that’s just #realtalk.

– To kick off tonights note sesh, I will be lampooning against Ben Howland and Bob Knight. I am not sure if I used that word correctly, but it means to publicly criticize someone or something with irony, sarcasm, etc.. which is what we usually do here at RD. So I will be having a mini rant on Bob Knight, Ben Howland, and why Shabazz shouldn’t go to UCLA.. So either click out of this page or stay on for some good ole’ fashioned RD style lampoonin’.

Well besides that, we have some cherished notes you’ve been waiting for..

– The US beat Italy in the boot 1-0. This marked the first time the US has ever beaten Italy. USA USA

– South Florida beat Louisville tonight. Go Cards! (Vine humor)

– The LA Clippers asked proven number 1 fan “Clipper Darrell” to drop his nickname. So now that they are actually good, they think they own the place.. eh? CP3 and BD’s boy, Blake Griffin have Clipper Darrell’s back, tweeting the love.

Now to move on to the lampoonin’..

– Bob Knight listed his top 5 teams in the country and Kentucky wasn’t there. Are you serious Bob.. Kentucky is obviously the #1 team in the country and the only argument that could possibly be valid would to put Syracuse over them. Just because you hate Kentucky and like to throw chairs doesn’t mean you have to be that middle school kid that purposely excludes the team that they don’t like. Another story that came up was Ben Howland. A big story about it will probably be in SI tomorrow, which will have more details but I will give you the gist of it. UCLA’s players basically did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Reeves Nelson is a douche, the other players take ecstasy, and Ben Howland had no discipline and said “the players took control over me.” C’mon man. This leads me to say how Shabazz should consider this.. UCLA was really dominent in the mid 2000’s but seemed to have completely lost it and will not make the NCAA tourney unless they win the Pac12 championship (don’t count on it). As a player I know I wouldn’t want to go to a team that sucks, has no discipline, and is in a complete daze of where they’re headed.

That’s it for the lampoonin’.. Have a nice night all you millions of viewers.

Clipper Darrell can fly


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