Vinny ‘Solo Dolo’ Zollo’s Tuesday Taboo Part 2

Wow! That rhymed! Yes FAQ guy, I planned that.

This is a part 2 to the previous post by BD and these are my (JR’s) picks for the final four and my upsets.

– My final four is: Kentucky, Marquette (don’t hate), Syracuse, and UNC. I have Kentucky over Syracuse winning it all. Yes I know that BD’s boy Unfabulous Melo is out which will hurt them for sure, but for some reason I feel like they are going to go on a tear. Call me crazy if you want.

– My upsets are similar with BD’s with UNLV beating Baylor and Georgetown maybe losing to Belmont. However, I have a few more.. Long Beach St might run the table and beat New Mexico and Louisville if U of L can even get past Davidson. Then I also have NC State going to the sweet 16 and Montana beating Wisconsin and they might even beat Vandy. The one that nobody else really has is that I have Cal, who plays USF in the play in game for the 12 seed, to beat Temple and get to the 3rd (2nd..) round.

That’s it for your quick part 2 post honoring the one they call Solo Dolo Zollo.


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