Vinny Solo Dolo’ Zollo’s Tuesday Taboo

Vinny Zollo Dolo Solo in action

– Today we celebrate Mr. Solo Dolo’ Vinny Zollo.  He was once Billy G’s top notch recruit that now plays for Western Kentucky.  I think that we are pretty lucky that we did not end up getting him, because frankly, my dear, he sucks.

– For some reason the President is at the Western Kentucky/Mississippi Valley State game, and they have thrown the camera on him 1,901 times.  Not an exaggeration.  Also, the game is on TruTV.  Good luck finding that homeboy.  Your normal cable don’t get that ish.

– Here are RD, we take March Madness seriously.  WE are you worldwide leader in March Madness coverage.  Not that other network that brings their bs to the table, and has old, angry men who wear sweaters, and yap at Burnt Cheeseburgers.  (Bobby Knight in shining armor if you didn’t know already).

– Let’s run down BD’s impact picks.  Of course I have our “#geeksquad” Kentucky Wildcats winning it all.

  • Now that Un-Fabulous Melo is out of the tournament because he has an IQ of 45, just like that Steve Carrell from Anchorman, I am picking them to lose in the Sweet 16, because frankly my dear, they are awful without him.
  • Also, I have UNLV upsetting Baylor because Baylor is a bit overrated I believe.  I don’t have Duke losing on the bracket, but I believe they will lose before the Elite 8, because they are awful if they aren’t hitting three’s.  Without Ryan Kelly, they have the Plumlee Bros. and Mario Bros. starting as the big men.  Any good team will rip that apart.
  • I have Michigan State in the Final Four out of the West Region but honestly literally every team up to the 13 seed could win that region.  It is probably the weakest region by far, expect they have UVA who doesn’t have a chance.  Sorry JT.
  • I have Ohio State in the East because of Syracuse losing F- student Fab Melo.  Also, since Vandy loses every year in the first round, I would not be surprised with a upset by Harvard, or in the second round. Even though there hot, they were beat by Indiana State earlier this year.
  • Last, I have UNC coming out of the Midwest over Kansas.  As the upset, don’t be surprised if those Belmont Bruiser’s beat ole’ Georgetown.  I don’t believe that they are that great.

– So there you go.  There’s BD’s rundown.  Now some #geeksquad.


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