The Jesse James Gang’s Juicy Tuesday Taboo

What Rascals

– Today in history, the Jesse James Gang robbed a bank in Russellville, Kentucky for $14,000.  Also, John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married on this date quite a few years back.

– Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos today, showing JR and others that Tim Tebow is not the grand godness, and that they would rather have Peyton, than have Tebow.  I’m sorry Tebow fanactics, but I hope that this ends Tebowmania, and people can shush about this so called “Tebow” guy.  Some call me a hipster because Tebow is too mainstream, but rather I believe that I am just an old Native American woman.  Random much? NO.

– Kentucky threw the fighting Royce White’s under the semi-truck that was moving 125 MPH.  Not under the bus, but under a semi moving at a fast rate of speed.  Kentucky played pretty well, and we cruised to victory.  We have Indiana in the Sweet 16 this week, meaning that Victor Olidipoo-poo will be taught a lesson.  He still thinks he’s “hot sauce” because he dunked on Durius, but Durius is going to show him what’s really good.

– Kendall Marshall went down with a fractured heel, but I think it’s all a joke.  Ole’ Roy likes to make things up to piss off opponents.  *Conspiracy theory* *BD is a hipster*.  NO FAQ GUY! I am not a hipster, I am  an old nomadic eskimo woman.

Man Woman Shemale Smcheegal Brittany Grinner is beating up on Florida right not.  Yes, she can dunk.  Yes, she can scream like a man.  Yes, she has features of a woman.  She has no male features.  Therefore, she is a Smcheegal.

– In honor of nomadic eskimo women, and John Lennon, here is some good ole’ Beatles.  Never knew it would be this hard to find live Beatle music.


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