Henry Hill’s Foolish Sunday Writes

Henry Hill was the real/fictional character from the 1990’s mob movie, Goodfellas.

– It is April 1st, therefore it is April Fool’s day. I could be a total D-bag to FAQ guy, but Kentucky is in the title game tomorrow, so I will be nice. Thanks man! 

– Henry Hill is not related to this post.. at all.

On to those foolish notes..

Kentucky vs Kansas Monday night for the championship in a tournament UK has completely demolished. Being in Lexington when they beat UofL unlike BD, was insane. Now I’m just thinking what will happen if we win it all on Monday.. It will be absolutely crazy. Sadly, I’ll be out of town.. but nevertheless, I am predicting the gatos to win. I honestly was kind of scared of Ohio State and what Sullinger could do. He could get Davis in foul trouble easy, and Craft would just be a completely annoying **** to Teague and cause some problems. But I think Kentucky will get that #8.

– More college basketball news, Alex Oriakhi, yes the annoying Uconn center is transferring. Frank Martin, former Kansas State coach and BD’s worst nightmare, is now the head coach of South Carolina, giving the SEC a lift especially with Missouri and Texas A&M now in the conference too. The UNC three, Marshall, Henson, and Barnes are all gone, but the best is that Zeller is gone.. YES!!!!! One of JR’s worst enemies in college basketball.

– The MLB has started. 😦

– Not much else going on besides NCAA basketball, but you can also vote for the next Madden cover. Now players really don’t want to be voted on the cover considering what happened to BD’s fantasy boy Peyton “whatchya talkin bout”  Hillis who had a really, really bad season and is randomly on the Chiefs now?? Well I am pulling for Marshawn Lynch and his skittles or Victor Cruz and his salsa dancing.

Here is my favorite part from Goodfellas featuring Henry Hill! Yeah FAQ guy!

BD’s worst nightmare


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